Day 29: Take The Two Day Challenge

This was the first two-pager of Cathy’s that I faved.

Lots of photos, told her story, carefully chosen details – pure genius!

Our prompt for the weekend came from Cathy herself – a double page LO with multiple photos.

“I have lots of LOs for inspiration, since I recently took the Double Take class at BPC. Just an idea. Since we are close to the finish line they might not be too enthused about a double pager. :)  Cathy”

Well, let’s break it down & do a page a day this weekend! Post your start for Saturday (can be one of the pages or both in progress) and Sunday show us the finished 2 page layout. MAKE SURE to check out “cateshomegrown” gallery for inspiration.

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Lisa H

So many to choose from…. so many stunning faves…


This one is in my faves too! So simply perfect!

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