Day Eleven: Cha-ching

Our prompt today is brought to you by Michele (you know who you are, but unfortunately I don’t know your Flickr name, so if you would like a pass for the day let me know in the comments section below, please.)

How much does it cost to live today? We’ve all “wowed” over how items like milk, gasoline, or the electric bill seemed inexpensive years ago. In twenty years we will be amazed at how cheap things seem today, even though living in the moment they seem costly.

What do you consider necessities? Satellite/cable tv, home phone, cell phone, internet… In fact those things may not even factor in twenty years from now!

What are some of the costs of staple items you buy at the grocery store?

How much do some of your favorite scrapbook supplies cost (eeek! courtesy of editor)

How expensive is it to have your photos printed?

Find a way to incorporate the cost of things into your layout today. Scrap your grocery list, whine about the cable bill, admit how much you spent this week on scrap supplies (muffled yikes! – I couldn’t help it :~). Want to scrap vacation pics? Use your receipts as an accent on the page! Get creative…get going!

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What a great prompt. I’ll have to go dig up some receipts from my trip.


Fun idea!


Oh yeah! I remember when a whole fryer chicken was 29 cents a lb…and let’s not even mention gasoline…surprisingly, coming down a tad…
This should be fun…


I always think that when you hear that a fryer chicken was 29 cents/lb you think that the person must be 100 years old! Sadly even young people can have stories like that. I’m 34 and I remember when I was 20 gasoline was under 50 cents a litre….now I’ve seen it as high as $1.44 cents a litre. That’s triple.

Adding in minimum wage and what you think the average household income for your area is a great comparison. It’s hard to know what “back when I was your age I could buy a car for $2500” doesn’t mean much when you don’t know what the income was.


Great prompt. Will have to take some photos of the cost of life here in Cyprus. Petrol, groceries, coffee – everything. It’s very ‘spansive. I try not to think about it because we must live our life. But there are times when I cringe at the thought of what my dollars are costing me to pay in Euros (conversion fees!).

Lisa H

this super prompt immediately triggerd off a great idea and i would have never done the layout without it – thanks for such a fab challenge today!



My flickr name is “Michele in La”. I’m so glad to hear the positive comments y’all have left about the prompt. I will eventually do this too!

[Don’t worry about the pass :(… I haven’t been able to do a layout-a-day. My month began with an out-of-state visit to my dad (his health is failing now). After returning, I’m trying to play catch up at home. ]

On a good note, I am taking the “Textuality” class with Amy Sorenson at BPC. This first week was heavy word processing skills. Even if I didn’t have fresh journaling, I would just format random text :).

But…I ordered a photo today – think I have my fancy journaling ready to print so hopefully I will have a layout tomorrow (at the latest Thursday) – yeah!

I have read the previous prompts and there are such great ideas! I will add many of them to my to-do list :).

Thanks so much for running this month’s LOAD – I still plan to get *some* layouts done :).

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