Take It Easy.

Sometimes we get so caught up in creating a “perfect” layout that we forget to just have fun with it. What if you sat down with a story you lvoed and a photo you loved and some products you loved and just created a page, not worrying about design, your handwriting, getting a great title, or anything else?

What if you scrapbooked just for the fun of it?

15 minutes. Seriously. That’s all it takes if you’re not worried about perfection.

P.S. I just got a couple of fun things that I absolutely love.

This arrow punch (you know how I feel about arrows!)

And this little patterned paper pad (I would have gotten a larger one, but they only had the small):

I also used these American Crafts Thickers:

That was it! Could I have used more

  • stickers
  • ribbons
  • glitter
  • brads
  • buttons
  • etc.

But I didn’t. And that’s okay. :)

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You are so right! Still learning this, though, as I have always been a multiple page/photo girl. I’m now sometimes choosing the image and going from there.
(Great photo, btw :~)

Miss Niki

Very Cool! Love it! I have a question about your journaling….do you write first then underline it or draw the lines and write? Thanks!


SO true I am guilty of doing this all the time its why I loved LOAD it taught me to put my focus on other things besides perfection…the right paper…the right brads…ribbon or no ribbon…it completely leaves the fun out of scrapbooking for me almost every time post LOAD of course.

Thanks again!


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