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  • Danielle Taylor

    I am a definite lifter! I have a binder full of ideas and a long list of Flickr favorites of layouts I want to lift someday. I don’t know that I will have time to ever scrap them all because I keep adding more!!

  • Julie Luna

    I am most definitely a lifter. I usually write the name of the person I lifted on the back of my layout. I do confess, sometimes I forget.

  • ozscrapper

    That’s awesome!! I have been wanting to do a layout like this. I was just thinking about it earlier today. Happy Friday!!

  • Laura

    I definitely “lift” all the time. There is so much inspiration out there. I have binders full of inspirations … mostly layouts have I would love to recreate in my own way.

  • TamiV

    I love to lift! It just speeds up the whole process for me. Why rethink things when someone already did the hard work for you? :)
    I fold down the pages of ideas I like in magazines. Then, after I’ve looked throught the whole magazine I go back and look at those pages again. If I still love the layout, I tear out the page and put it in my inspiration drawer. When I’m ready to scrap, I look through the drawer and the ideas start flowing!

  • Juel

    Circles did to make it onto your layout with the buttons ;o)