A Few Bits of Basic Information for October LOAD

Greetings! We have a few details to take care of before Saturday…

I have set up a Flickr group called 1011LOAD. Please check in at the front desk(so to speak :~) & add yourself to the membership!

We will be posting each day with the tag 1,2,3,4 corresponding to the date – simple!

We will be talkin’ scrapping, snapping, writing & byting this month with some of our own scrapsister guest stars¬† – watch for them!

A little extra bonus for those who helped out with prompts. On the day we use your prompt YOU get a pass on posting a layout for that day, if you wish – you’ve already done your work for the day!

Please be sure to view & comment on as many layouts each day as time allows – you will be inspired & expand our community when you get to know everyone better!

Happy Scrapping! Leslie