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Introducing… Your Cruise Director!

I’m so very excited to announce that “Disney Dani” “Scrapper on the Street” Taylor will be taking on the roll of ScrapHappy Cruise Director! She’s better dressed than Julie McCoy… …Friendlier than Martha Stewart… …Sharper than a barrel of Fiskars orange-handled scissors… …And downright AWESOME. Coming off the rousing good time that was our Second […]

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Thursday News, Hot Off the Presses

Just a round-up of a few things I want you to know about: **Have you been checking out the videos on ScrapHappy? These are exclusive to the ScrapHappy family, and I add new ones every week. **We’ve got almost 100 members to ScrapHappy! When we hit lucky number 99, balloons will sound, confetti will fly, […]

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