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Tool Organization

I believe the last time we talked craft room I  left you with this photo: Yes? Does this make you as happy as it does me? I love seeing colorful things in my craft room. Which brings me to the next part of organizing your craft space: deciding what kind of containers to use. Now […]

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Behind Door No. 2

I think it may be time:   Would you like to see what’s in my closet? This looks rather like a before photo right next to an after photo, don’t ya think? In a way they are before and afters, since the closet on the right had similar weirdly spaced and oddly located half shelves […]

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The Bones of a Craft Room

Just a few weeks ago, my craft room looked like this: Stuff piled everywhere, random things thrown on top of other random things, and impossible to navigate. Now, I have the big items in place. The tables, desks and cabinets are in a workable place. Since I had everything labelled in the old house, and […]

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My Craft Space Background

I have been lucky to always have a space to use as a craft room. When I first started stamping, back before marriage and kids, I shared the second bedroom of our two bedroom apartment with my husband. We used it as an office/craft/game space, and I had a small desk with a couple small […]

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Designing a Craft Space: A Little Inspiration

Before I get started, I just want to let you know there’s a new gallery section where you can post pictures of your own craft spaces and organizing ideas. I’ll be posting Fridays to start off with, and concentrate on my own process. As I get settled, I’ll introduce you to more sources for inspiration […]

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