ScrapSmarter December 2019 Christmas Card Mini Book

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

December 3, 2019 we held this session of ScrapSmarter

Types of pages to include in your book:

  • accordion folds
  • fold outs, fold ups, fold downs
  • multilayer fold outs
  • pockets
  • envelopes
  • shorter width and height add-ins

Items to include in your book:

  • Christmas cards
  • photos
  • letters
  • tickets stubs
  • playbills
  • photos from others you receive via email, text or social media
  • your own Christmas card you send out
  • stamps from the envelopes you receive
  • address labels from the envelopes you receive

Printing photos:

If you print photos at home you can print in custom sizes based on your specific needs.

If you order prints you can use an app, such as Project Life, to create several smaller photos on one 4×6 print

Project Notes:

Alice used a Cinch machine to bind her book. You can find one HERE. (affiliate link)

Alice prefers the 1.25″ wire size to bind her book. You can find them HERE. (affiliate link)

The cover on the album is 6.5″x9″, but you can make yours any size that fits. It was laminated using an inexpensive laminating machine.

The interior pages are 6″x9″.

Replay with Q&A

Replay (Just the class)

Connect with Alice online: 

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